CIA: Crime Investigation Australia 2005


Genre: Crime

Plot: The TV Show CIA: Crime Investigation Australia started airing in 2005 and it is categorized as crime genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 60 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Next Episode Date: Feb 27th



Episode 10: Evil Heart: The Murder of Donna Wheeler/The Disappearance of Trudie Adams
Episode 9: The Predator: Leonard John Fraser
Episode 8: The Devil Inside - John Ernest Cribb
Episode 7: Hunt for a Killer: The Claremont Murders
Episode 6: Thrill Kill: The Janine Balding Murder
Episode 5: The Gonzales Family Murders
Episode 4: Headless Body: The Kim Barry Murder
Episode 3: The Night Caller: Eric Edgar Cooke
Episode 2: No Mercy: The Killing of Virginia Morse
Episode 1: The Killing Fields of Truro
Episode 16: The Butchered Boys
Episode 15: The Assassination of John Newman
Episode 14: The Body in the Sports Bag
Episode 13: The Disappearance of Donald Mackay
Episode 12: The Greenough Family Massacre
Episode 11: The Wanda Beach Murders/Beaumont Children Mystery
Episode 10: The Kimberley Killer
Episode 9: Snowtown: Bodies in the Barrels
Episode 8: The Anita Cobby Murder
Episode 7: The Killer Punch/The Will of Death
Episode 6: The Moorhouse Horrors/The Call Girl Killing
Episode 5: Contract to Kill/The Mornington Monster
Episode 4: Ivan Milat: The Backpacker Murders
Episode 3: Death in a Heartbeat/The Body in the Bag
Episode 2: Kid for Ransom/Tears for Daniel
Episode 1: No More Grannies/The Granny Killer