Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 2018


Genre: Fantasy , Horror , Thriller

Plot: The TV Show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina started airing in 2018 and it is categorized as fantasy, horror, thriller genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 60 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.



Episode 9: Chapter Twenty: Mephisto Waltz
Episode 8: Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake
Episode 7: Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman
Episode 6: Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries
Episode 5: Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood
Episode 4: Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberbus's House of Horror
Episode 3: Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia
Episode 2: Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman
Episode 1: Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany
Episode 11: Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter's Tale
Episode 10: Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour
Episode 9: Chapter Nine: The Returned Man
Episode 8: Chapter Eight: The Burial
Episode 7: Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts
Episode 6: Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale
Episode 5: Chapter Five: Dreams in a Witch House
Episode 4: Chapter Four: Witch Academy
Episode 3: Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman
Episode 2: Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism
Episode 1: Chapter One: October Country