Brain Games 2011


Genre: Documentary , Comedy , Drama , Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: The TV Show Brain Games started airing in 2011 and it is categorized as documentary, comedy, drama, game-show, reality-tv genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 30 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Next Episode Date: Feb 4th



Episode 3: Drew Brees: Performance
Episode 2: Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction
Episode 1: Male Brain vs. Female Brain
Episode 6: The Survivor Brain
Episode 5: Super Senses
Episode 4: Life of the Brain
Episode 3: Brains Behaving Badly
Episode 2: The God Brain
Episode 1: Meet the Brain
Episode 12: Liar, Liar
Episode 11: Illusion Confusion
Episode 10: Use It or Lose It
Episode 9: You Decide
Episode 8: Seeing Is Believing
Episode 7: Battle of the Sexes
Episode 6: What You Don't Know
Episode 5: Power of Persuasion
Episode 4: Don't Be Afraid
Episode 3: Motion Commotion
Episode 2: It's About Time
Episode 1: Focus Pocus
Episode 3: Remember This!
Episode 2: Pay Attention!
Episode 1: Watch This!