Penny Dreadful 2014


Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Horror

Plot: The TV Show Penny Dreadful started airing in 2014 and it is categorized as drama, fantasy, horror genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 60 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.



Episode 9: The Blessed Dark
Episode 8: Perpetual Night
Episode 7: Ebb Tide
Episode 6: No Beast So Fierce
Episode 5: This World Is Our Hell
Episode 4: A Blade of Grass
Episode 3: Good and Evil Braided Be
Episode 2: Predators Far and Near
Episode 1: The Day Tennyson Died
Episode 10: And They Were Enemies
Episode 9: And Hell Itself My Only Foe
Episode 8: Memento Mori
Episode 7: Little Scorpion
Episode 6: Glorious Horrors
Episode 5: Above the Vaulted Sky
Episode 4: Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places
Episode 3: The Nightcomers
Episode 2: Verbis Diablo
Episode 1: Fresh Hell
Episode 8: Grand Guignol
Episode 7: Possession
Episode 6: What Death Can Join Together
Episode 5: Closer Than Sisters
Episode 4: Demimonde
Episode 3: Resurrection
Episode 2: Séance
Episode 1: Night Work