Dawn of the Croods 2015


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: The TV Show Dawn of the Croods started airing in 2015 and it is categorized as animation, comedy, family genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 23 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Next Episode Date: Jul 7th



Episode 13: S04E13
Episode 12: S04E12
Episode 11: S04E11
Episode 10: S04E10
Episode 9: S04E09
Episode 8: S04E08
Episode 7: S04E07
Episode 6: S04E06
Episode 5: S04E05
Episode 4: S04E04
Episode 3: S04E03
Episode 2: S04E02
Episode 1: S04E01
Episode 13: Thunk o'Clock High/The Croo-gitive
Episode 12: Scare Tactics/DisturbiAHHH!
Episode 11: Bait with Destiny/Sappy Together
Episode 10: Super Smash Siblings/A Hole in Grug
Episode 9: Zero Dark Thunky/Pie vs. Pie
Episode 8: Snooty and the Beasts Part 1 & 2
Episode 7: Munk History/Happy Howl Day
Episode 6: The Flawed Couple/Go-Sip Girl
Episode 5: To Squawk with Love/Lerk Was the Night
Episode 4: 127 Owwws/28 Fleas Later
Episode 3: Gorgey Girl/A Gran Adventure
Episode 2: Deux Ex Monkhuahua/Slak Attack
Episode 1: It Takes Ahhh! Valley Part 1 & 2
Episode 13: Dawn of the Broods Part 1 & Part 2
Episode 12: The Tide Is Nigh/Rain Gran
Episode 11: Disaster of Puppets/Love Will Eep Us Together
Episode 10: Croodtopia/Hands on a Hard Egg
Episode 9: Baby Face Off/The Pursuit of Wrinkliness
Episode 8: Grug vs. Gurg/Unfair Fair
Episode 7: FrEepy Friday
Episode 6: I Think Were Alone Meow/There Will Be Eggs
Episode 5: What Screams May Come/Grunt Anything
Episode 4: The Good Surprise/Night Mare on Eep Street
Episode 3: Grug vs. Math/Footloss
Episode 2: It Crushes/Rebel Without a Paws
Episode 1: Gran the Unfriendly Ghost/Bad Sandy
Episode 13: Unsolved Myster-Eep
Episode 12: The Crood Who Knew Too Much/Scent of a Thunk
Episode 11: Friday Night Liyotes
Episode 10: Night of the Living Croods/A Spoonful of Soo-gar
Episode 9: Garden of Eaten
Episode 8: Mom Genes
Episode 7: The Eep-Over/Thunkytown
Episode 6: Caved and Confused
Episode 5: The First Picture Show
Episode 4: This Mean Warts
Episode 3: Wet Hot Ahhh! Valley Summer Grug Vs. The Moon
Episode 2: School of Hard Rocks
Episode 1: A Gran Day Out