Chelsea 2016


Genre: Talk-show

Plot: The TV Show Chelsea started airing in 2016 and it is categorized as talk-show genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 30 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.

Next Episode Date: Dec 15th



Episode 29: S02E29
Episode 28: S02E28
Episode 27: S02E27
Episode 26: S02E26
Episode 25: S02E25
Episode 24: S02E24
Episode 23: S02E23
Episode 22: S02E22
Episode 21: S02E21
Episode 20: S02E20
Episode 19: S02E19
Episode 18: S02E18
Episode 17: S02E17
Episode 16: S02E16
Episode 15: S02E15
Episode 14: S02E14
Episode 13: S02E13
Episode 12: S02E12
Episode 11: S02E11
Episode 10: S02E10
Episode 9: To England with Love
Episode 8: Changing the Climate
Episode 7: Beauty Pageants, Black-ish and Going Broke
Episode 6: Scientologists and Pirates and Aliens, Oh My
Episode 5: Answer Me This
Episode 4: Dinner Party: Getting Schooled
Episode 3: Ladies and the Trump
Episode 2: Women That Are Strong Are Fun
Episode 1: I Had No Backup Plan Whatsoever
Episode 90: Can You Tell I'm a Nightmare?
Episode 89: We Got to See a Beacon of Light
Episode 88: Both Naughty and Nice
Episode 87: The Really Uncoordinated Superhero
Episode 86: Let's Talk Pipeline
Episode 85: Dinner Party: Going to Prison
Episode 84: You Need to Be More Sexual
Episode 83: We Cannot Go Back to Sleep
Episode 82: First Train to Tokyo
Episode 81: You're Basically a Piece of Meat
Episode 80: You Secretly Hope You're Worthy
Episode 79: Inside the Trump Tower Bubble
Episode 78: Dinner Party: The Best Relationships
Episode 77: Do Not Despair About Our Country
Episode 76: They Said It's a Man's Game
Episode 75: Please Take My Knickers Off
Episode 74: So Fiercely Proud of My Mom
Episode 73: How Dark My Life Once Was
Episode 72: It Tears You Down, and Builds You
Episode 71: I Feel Like I'm in a Fellini Film
Episode 70: Whoa, I'm a Pop Star
Episode 69: I'm Here to Volunteer
Episode 68: That's When Madea Was Born
Episode 67: Dinner Party: These Strong Women
Episode 66: I Don't Want to Mess Up Again
Episode 58: I Was Naked on Broadway
Episode 57: Bareback Riding Skills
Episode 56: Would You Buy Your Dad a Hooker?
Episode 55: Fame Is Just Weird to Me
Episode 54: My Story Is an American Story
Episode 53: I Was a Ticking Time Bomb
Episode 52: Sex in Space
Episode 51: The Right, Fair Thing to Do
Episode 50: Flashbacks' to the Good Old '80s
Episode 49: Dinner Party: The State of Politics
Episode 48: Oh, This Isn't Funny Anymore
Episode 46: It Felt Like Racist WrestleMania
Episode 45: How Could People Go Off on You?
Episode 44: We Have Influencers Here
Episode 43: For You to Get This Hostile Is Weird
Episode 42: Let's Go on My Tinder
Episode 41: Zelda Williams Defies the Trolls
Episode 40: The Porn King of Japan
Episode 39: Mission to Moscow
Episode 38: Putting Compton Back on the Map
Episode 37: A Prodigy in Our Midst
Episode 36: You Have a Speedo for Me?
Episode 35: Chelsea Does the DNC
Episode 34: Dinner Party: The God Question
Episode 33: Tatiana Maslany Takes All the Good Parts
Episode 32: This Is My Home
Episode 31: Trump's Other Reality Show
Episode 29: Bucking the Rules with Melissa McCarthy
Episode 28: LGBTQ with Jane Lynch & E. J. Johnson
Episode 27: S01E27
Episode 26: Charlize Theron & Convention Fever
Episode 25: Vicente Fox & All Things Mexico
Episode 24: Tarzan, Mars & Aubrey Plaza
Episode 23: Blake Shelton & Hillary's VP Options
Episode 22: Anna Kendrick & Social Media Snafus
Episode 21: Devine, Bamford & Adult Colouring
Episode 20: Biker Life & Michael Strahan
Episode 19: Paulson, Pelosi & Ayahuasca
Episode 18: Trump Mania & Kegel Exercises
Episode 17: Ellen Page & Inspiring Role Models
Episode 16: Cocaine Kingpins & the Science of Sleep
Episode 15: The Case for Cannabis with Wiz Khalifa
Episode 14: Summits, Thruples & David Spade
Episode 13: Warrior Dash & Will Arnett
Episode 12: Election Math & Megan Fox
Episode 11: Magic & GMOs with Lizzy Caplan, Bill Nye
Episode 10: Dinner Party: Adventures in Parenting
Episode 9: Ashton Kutcher & the App Economy
Episode 8: Perils of Porn & Rachel Bloom's Big Year
Episode 7: Barbara Boxer & Souls to the Polls
Episode 6: Christina Aguilera & Chelsea on Ice
Episode 5: Wanda Sykes & the 2016 Political Scene
Episode 4: Gwen Stefani, Tokyo Style & the Night Sun
Episode 3: Dinner Party: Captain America & Friends
Episode 2: Gwyneth & Tony & Chelsea & TED
Episode 1: Appetite for Instruction