Black Jesus 2014


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The TV Show Black Jesus started airing in 2014 and it is categorized as comedy genres. 123Movies provided links and subtitles for the episodes which last 21 minutes. All new episodes are automatically updated once they are available online.



Episode 10: The Real Jesus of Compton
Episode 9: God's Team
Episode 8: Boonie Comes Up
Episode 7: Hair Tudi
Episode 6: The Compton Crusader
Episode 5: Boonie Christ
Episode 4: Operation SHUT'EMDOWN
Episode 3: Parole Officer
Episode 2: Vatican Guys
Episode 1: The Compton Carter
Episode 11: A Very Special Christmas in Compton
Episode 10: Good for Nothing
Episode 9: Janky Cable
Episode 8: Never Say When
Episode 7: Thy Neighbor's Strife
Episode 6: Taco Sundays
Episode 5: Tasty Tudi's
Episode 4: Hands of God
Episode 3: False Witness
Episode 2: Jesus Gonna Get His
Episode 1: No Room for Jesus
Episode 10: WTFWBJD
Episode 9: Gangsta's Paradise
Episode 8: Love Thy Enemy Part 2
Episode 7: The Other Shoe Drops
Episode 6: Love Thy Enemy Part 1
Episode 5: Fried Green Tomatoes
Episode 4: I Gave at the Playground
Episode 3: The S*** Heist
Episode 2: Fish and the Con Man
Episode 1: Smokin', Drinkin', and Chillin